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Celebrating St. Andrew’s Day: 10 Fun Activities for Primary School Children

Scottish Flag - Primary school children celebrating St Andrew's Day
Get ready for St. Andrew's Day with these ten fun primary school activities for children! From Scottish storytelling to Highland games, crafts, cooking, and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy, explore and learn from.

St. Andrew’s Day celebrated on November 30th, is a time to honour the patron saint of Scotland and celebrate Scottish culture and heritage. For primary school children, this presents a wonderful opportunity to engage in fun and educational activities that introduce them to the rich traditions associated with this special day. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, here are some delightful primary activities to help children learn and celebrate St. Andrew’s Day:

Scottish Story Time
Introduce children to Scottish folklore and legends by reading stories about St. Andrew or tales of mythical creatures like the Loch Ness Monster. You can also explore the works of Scottish authors such as Robert Burns or J.K. Rowling for age-appropriate literature.

Highland Games
Organise a mini Highland Games event with activities like caber tossing (using lightweight cardboard tubes), tug-of-war, and sack races. These traditional Scottish games will not only entertain children but also teach them about Scottish sporting heritage.

Scottish Dance Party
Teach children simple Scottish dances like the Ceilidh or the Highland Fling. You can play traditional Scottish music and encourage kids to dress in tartan or wear kilts for added fun. This primary activity promotes physical activity while celebrating Scottish culture.

Scottish Crafts
Get creative with Scottish-themed crafts. Children can make their own tartan patterns using coloured paper strips or create St. Andrew’s crosses using craft sticks and paint. Additionally, they can design thistles, the national flower of Scotland, using paper and glue.

Cooking Scottish Treats
Explore Scotland’s culinary delights by cooking traditional Scottish dishes together. Children can help prepare simple recipes like shortbread cookies, Scottish tablets (a type of fudge), or oatcakes. This activity provides a hands-on experience while learning about Scottish cuisine.

Learn Scottish Gaelic Phrases
Introduce children to basic Scottish Gaelic phrases and words associated with St. Andrew’s Day. Teach them greetings like “Ciamar a tha sibh?” (How are you?) or phrases like “Tapadh leibh” (Thank you). It’s a fun way to explore the linguistic aspect of Scottish culture.

Flag Making
Help children create their own St. Andrew’s flags using craft materials like paper, markers, and stickers. Teach them about the significance of the blue and white Saltire flag and its connection to St. Andrew. They can proudly display their flags during St. Andrew’s Day celebrations.

Virtual Scottish Tour
Take children on a virtual tour of Scotland’s famous landmarks and historical sites. Explore attractions like Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness, or the Isle of Skye through online videos or interactive websites. This activity allows children to discover Scotland’s rich history and natural beauty.

Scottish Trivia Quiz
Test children’s knowledge of Scotland with a fun trivia quiz. Include questions about Scottish history, geography, famous landmarks, and cultural traditions. You can even offer small prizes for correct answers to make it more exciting.

Community Service Project
Instil the value of kindness and generosity by organising a community service project in honour of St. Andrew, known for his acts of charity. Children can participate in activities like collecting donations for a local food bank, making cards for elderly residents, or cleaning up the local park.

By engaging in these activities, primary school children can develop a greater appreciation for Scottish culture and traditions while having a fantastic time celebrating St. Andrew’s Day. Whether it’s through storytelling, games, crafts, or culinary adventures, these experiences will leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories for years to come. So, let’s come together to embrace the spirit of St. Andrew’s Day and celebrate all things Scottish!

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