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Greater Than, Less Than, Equals To Kids with Signs | KS1/KS2 Number & Place Value | Primary Maths

Greater Than, Less Than, Equals Signs (with Kids) Interactive Posters

Step into the world of greater than, less than, and equal signs with our interactive posters! These feature charismatic kids holding up the symbols, offering clear examples of how numbers compare using the more than, fewer than, and equal to signs. The set includes blank copies of the posters, giving you the freedom to customise and tailor the learning experience to fit seamlessly into your lessons and learning environment.

Infused with vibrant colours and friendly illustrations, these interactive posters bring a playful touch to the learning process, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable experience for learners. Designed to assist pupils in mastering the correct placement of these signs, this resource can be used as laminated posters, allowing children to add numbers and edit accordingly that will reinforce their understanding.

Our greater than, less than and equal signs interactive posters are aligned with KS1/KS2 number and place value on the national curriculum. This primary resource can be used with your ideas for maths activities and games, display boards, teaching material, learning aids, differentiation, homework, and lesson plans.

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