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Year 4 Conjunctions Worksheets | KS2 Grammar | Primary English

Year 4 | Conjunctions Worksheets

In these Year 4 conjunctions worksheets, a set of conjunctions is highlighted alongside various pairs of clauses. Your class is assigned the task of creating sentences by joining the clauses with the conjunctions. For example, “James waited outside until his friend finally arrived”. Following this, your children will independently write four sentences using specific conjunctions provided.

This worksheet aims to enhance your learners’ application of conjunctions in writing, challenging them to coordinate clauses and conjunctions effectively to create meaningful sentences. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to use more advanced conjunctions in their own writing, thereby refining their sentence construction skills.

Our Year 4 grammar worksheets are aligned with the KS2 national curriculum and complement your primary learning activities, differentiation, homework and lesson plans.

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