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It’s Easter Time! 15 Enjoyable Easter Activities and Ideas for the Primary Classroom

Easter Activities and Ideas for the Primary Classroom
Embrace the festive spirit in your primary classroom with these fantastic Easter activities and ideas. Witness your learners excel and learn all about Easter as they participate in egg hunts, scavenger hunts and the lively Easter hat parade.

As spring blossoms, Easter becomes a beacon of joy for primary schools, offering a perfect opportunity to infuse their days with creativity, excitement, and festive spirit. Amid blooming flowers and chirping birds, these 15 eggcellent primary Easter activities and ideas are tailored to engage young minds, combining fun and learning in equal measure. From classic egg hunts that spark adventure to egg decorating stations where imagination takes flight, these primary activities and ideas aim to create lasting memories and celebrate the essence of Easter. So, let’s dive into a world of colourful crafts, playful games, and enriching experiences that will have your primary classroom hopping with joy throughout the Easter season!

Easter Egg Hunt
Create themed maps or clues to guide children to the hidden eggs, adding an extra element of adventure. Consider organising a team-based egg hunt to encourage collaboration and teamwork among the children. After the hunt, gather everyone for a “count and compare” session to see who found the most eggs.

Egg Decorating Station
Arrange tables with protective coverings for easy cleanup, ensuring a stress-free crafting experience. Include examples of creatively decorated eggs to inspire children and ignite their imagination. If possible, extend the decorating session over multiple days, allowing children to revisit and add more details to their creations.

Bunny Ears Craft
Incorporate a brief educational component by discussing the significance of bunnies in Easter traditions. Get children to draw and colour in a pair of bunny ears and then discuss their designs, encouraging a sense of pride and accomplishment. Organise a “Bunny Parade” where children can showcase their bunny ears to the rest of the school.

Easter Storytime
Engage children with interactive storytelling, using props or puppets to make the tales come alive. Encourage children to contribute to the story, allowing their creativity to shape the narrative. Provide copies of the featured books for children to take home, promoting continued reading with their families.

Easter Basket Craft
Incorporate a sustainability angle by using recycled materials for basket construction. Discuss the symbolism of Easter baskets and the joy of giving, tying in a lesson about sharing and kindness. Hold a “Best Basket” competition with categories like most colourful, most unique, and most eco-friendly.

Easter-themed Science Experiments
Create a science fair-like atmosphere where children can present their experiments to each other. Discuss the scientific principles behind each experiment, encouraging questions and curiosity. Provide take-home materials or instructions for simple experiments that children can try with their families.

Easter Bingo
Customise bingo cards with Easter-related vocabulary words to reinforce literacy skills. Create a learning aspect by calling out facts or trivia related to Easter with each bingo call. Consider creating a collaborative bingo board where the entire group works together to fill the card.

Egg and Spoon Race
Introduce variations, such as a “Slow and Steady” race where balance is more crucial than speed. Incorporate teamwork by organising relay-style races, with teammates passing the egg and spoon to each other. Award small prizes for various categories, such as the best teamwork and the most determined racer.

Easter Puzzles
Tailor the difficulty level of puzzles to match the age range, ensuring everyone finds an appropriate challenge. Discuss the historical and cultural aspects of Easter as children work on puzzles related to these themes. Consider organising a puzzle-solving competition, cultivating friendly competition and collaborative problem-solving.

Easter Movie Marathon
Create a “movie ticket” system, allowing children to “purchase” tickets with good behaviour or completed tasks leading up to the event. Include interactive elements between movies, such as a quick trivia session or a themed dance break. Provide popcorn and snacks to enhance the movie-watching experience, turning it into a true cinematic celebration.

Easter-themed Snack Time
Arrange a communal snack table where children can share and swap their Easter-themed treats. Include a brief discussion about the nutritional benefits of the snacks, promoting healthy eating habits. Encourage children to take home simple recipes for the Easter-themed snacks, involving their families in the culinary fun.

Easter-themed Cooking Class
Transform the classroom into a culinary haven by organising an Easter-themed cooking class. Provide simple recipes for delightful treats like bunny-shaped cookies, nest cupcakes, or colourful fruit skewers. Emphasise the importance of following instructions, measuring ingredients, and teamwork while creating delicious Easter goodies. Culminate this primary activity with a shared tasting session.

Easter Scavenger Hunt
Take the traditional egg hunt up a notch by organising an Easter scavenger hunt. Craft clues or riddles that lead children from one location to another, creating an exciting trail to follow. The final destination could unveil a special Easter surprise, adding an extra layer of mystery and adventure to the festivities.

Egg Roll Competition
Transform the playground into a playful arena for an egg roll competition. Provide each child with a hard-boiled egg and designate a starting point. Children use spoons to gently roll their eggs toward a finish line. The one whose egg travels the farthest without breaking is crowned the egg-rolling champion, combining skill and laughter in this delightful activity.

Easter Hat Parade
Encourage children to showcase their artistic flair by organising an Easter Hat Parade. In the days leading up to the event, have them create and decorate their own Easter-themed hats using materials like ribbons, feathers, and paper. The parade allows them to proudly display their unique creations, fostering a sense of self-expression and creativity.

In embracing these primary Easter activities for KS1 and KS2, the benefits are abundant. They not only infuse classrooms with joy and creativity but also offer invaluable learning experiences. From honing teamwork in egg-related challenges to strengthening self-expression through crafts, these activities stimulate both cognitive and social development. The advantages extend beyond the classroom, creating lasting memories, promoting a love for learning, and reinforcing the festive spirit. As laughter echoes through egg hunts and smiles brighten Easter hat parades, these activities emerge as catalysts for a vibrant, enriching, and memorable educational journey. May these festive moments continue to resonate in your primary classroom, bringing smiles and inspiration throughout the Easter season and beyond. Wishing you and your young learners a season filled with wonder and delightful discoveries!

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