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Ten Simple Christmas Activities to do with Primary School Children Using Just a Few Resources

Primary school child carrying out Christmas activities in the classroom
Explore ten simple and enjoyable Christmas craft activities for primary school age children, using just paper, scissors, coloring pens and glue to create festive decorations and gifts. If finding time or getting resources is difficult, these activities are for you.

Step into the enchanting world of holiday crafting with these ten simple primary Christmas activities designed to captivate and engage primary-aged children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2). Utilising only paper, scissors, colouring pens and glue, these creative ventures not only bring the magic of the season into your primary classroom or home but also offer a myriad of developmental benefits for young minds.

Make Snowflakes
Making paper snowflakes is a timeless winter activity that engages children’s creativity and fine motor skills. They can start with a square piece of white paper and fold it into smaller squares, and then proceed to cut out delicate patterns along the folded edges. When they unfold the paper, they reveal a stunning snowflake. Encourage them to experiment with different fold patterns and intricate cuts to create a variety of unique designs. These paper snowflakes can be hung in windows or used as charming decorations throughout the holiday season.

Design Christmas Cards
Crafting personalised Christmas cards allows children to express their heartfelt messages and artistic talents. Provide them with blank cards or folded pieces of coloured paper as a base. They can use colouring pens to create festive illustrations, like decorated trees, snowmen or holiday scenes. Encourage them to write their own messages inside the cards and add their unique touches, such as cut-out paper shapes. These handmade cards are sure to bring joy to the recipients!

Create Paper Chains
Paper chains are a wonderful way to engage primary school children in a collaborative and creative project. Provide a variety of coloured paper strips and show them how to create loops by glueing the ends of each strip together. As they continue to link the loops, a vibrant paper chain begins to take shape. They can experiment with different colour combinations and lengths to design their own festive decorations. Hanging these paper chains around the room creates a cheerful atmosphere for the holiday season.

Craft a Reindeer
Making a paper reindeer is a delightful craft activity that combines cutting and assembly. Start with brown paper as the reindeer’s body and have children cut out shapes for the head, legs and tail. Using glue, they can attach googly eyes, a red paper nose and paper antlers. Children can add personal touches by decorating the reindeer’s body with patterns, or even by giving each reindeer a unique name. These paper reindeer can be displayed as part of a holiday-themed classroom display.

Build a Gingerbread House
Crafting paper gingerbread houses is a creative way for children to construct their own festive decorations. Provide templates for gingerbread house shapes or let them design their own. They can use colouring pens to add icing details, windows, doors and other decorations. Glueing on cut-out paper sweets adds a mouthwatering touch. Once complete, these paper gingerbread houses can be used as table centrepieces or hung on a string to create a gingerbread village.

Craft a Santa Claus
Creating paper Santa Claus figures allows children to immerse themselves in the magic of Christmas. Start with red and white paper for Santa’s iconic outfit. They can cut out shapes for Santa’s body, arms and legs. Using glue, they assemble these pieces, adding a white paper beard, black boots and a red hat with a white pom-pom. Encourage them to use colouring pens to draw Santa’s friendly face, rosy cheeks and a twinkle in his eye. These paper Santas can be placed around the classroom or house as delightful Christmas decorations.

Decorate Paper Stockings
Children can personalise their own paper stockings by providing them with paper stocking templates. They can cut out these stocking shapes and use colouring pens to create festive patterns, such as stripes, polka dots or snowflakes. For a cosy touch, have them glue cotton balls or other textured materials at the top of the stockings to mimic the look of fluffy fur. These paper stockings can be hung by the fireplace, awaiting the arrival of holiday treats and small gifts.

Make Mistletoe
Making paper mistletoe decorations adds a touch of tradition and elegance to the holiday decor. Children can cut out green paper leaves and red paper berries, creating a botanical masterpiece. Using glue, they can assemble these paper elements into mistletoe bundles. To complete the project, they can attach a ribbon for hanging. Hang these paper mistletoe decorations in a doorway or other special spots to invite moments of love and cheer during the Christmas season.

Craft 3D Snowmen
Building 3D snowmen with paper allows children to create delightful and charming figures. They can cut out different-sized white paper circles for the snowman’s body parts and use glue to stack them on top of each other. Children can give their snowmen personality by drawing faces, buttons and scarves with colouring pens. They can even add small details like twig arms and a carrot nose. These paper snowmen can be displayed as adorable holiday decorations on tables or shelves.

Create a Christmas Tree
Let pupils design and craft their own paper Christmas trees. You can provide templates or encourage them to cut and decorate green paper in various sizes to create their unique trees. Using glue, they can assemble the paper pieces to form a tree shape. Then, they can use colouring pens to add ornaments, stars and other decorations to make their paper Christmas trees festive and unique. These paper trees can be displayed on tables or windowsills, bringing a touch of holiday spirit to the room.

In conclusion, these primary Christmas activities and ideas not only encourage creativity but also help children develop fine motor skills and a sense of educational accomplishment. They offer the opportunity for pupils to express their unique style and imagination while celebrating the holiday season with handmade decorations that can be treasured for years to come.

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